I create everlasting paper flowers for elegant, unique brides that are infused with your personality.


So you can be inspired by your love and passion for books, comics, colours or music and see them brought together in beautiful bouquets and buttonholes that will last forever. A bouquet that can tell your own story by using things that mean something to you, made from beautiful paper that will be an everlasting memory of your wedding day. You can have unique flowers that represent who you are, what you love and that are created just for you (even if your favourite flower is out of season) adding in any special family heirlooms or items that you want to carry down the aisle with you as you start the next chapter of your life together.

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I found it so hard to pick my wedding invitations when i got married, in fact i didn’t I made them myself as I could not find exactly what I wanted.

I would find elements in each one but nothing was perfect, this is where I can help you, I will create your dream invitations, add in all of those elements that you love and create something truly unique, something that will give your guests an insight into what to expect from your wedding day.

Get that excited feeling when they arrive safely on your door step, and prepare to deliver them to your friends and family, knowing that these invitations have been made just for you, and no-one else will ever have them like yours.


I will create your perfect,elegant and unique wedding flowers, by infusing your personality, your love of books, comics, colour or music into and everlasting bouquets and buttonholes.

Let your flowers tell your story, from where you have been, how you met and even where you are going, bring at all together and walk down the aisle and know there will never be another bouquet like yours, look at your fiance and see them wearing something special, something that has been crates just just for you.

How it Works

Its easy, Take a look around and see what inspires you, what do you fall in love with?

If you know exactly what you want, you can fill in the all the information on the product page, add everything you want to your basket and checkout, delivery will be 4-6 Weeks so please make sure you leave enough time. (if you need them quicker contact me, It will depend on my current work load).

If you would like to talk about your options, contact me on the button below, we can arrange to meet (if you are local), have a video call, or just email.

Once you have chosen you amazing flowers, know what you would like them to be from, and we have spoken, you will receive a quote, this will detail everything that we spoken about, books, papers, colours, quantity of bouquets/buttonholes and all the ways you can pay Deposits or full balances, depending on when your wedding is.

Each order can take up to 4-6 weeks to make, so please leave enough time for your order to be delivered before your wedding day.


I have always been creative, drawing, painting, making I have always had a love for it, but for years it was lost in the background to my “full time job” I knew I needed to find it again, and it was like the universe herd me, as a few weeks later my sister asked me to make some paper flowers for her wedding abroad.

she was limited to what she could have as table decorations, and as the crafty sister (as she would put it) I was the one for the job, and  I loved it, from the first rose I made, I enjoyed every second, and my business journey began, I have been making unique paper flower for approx 7 years now, but only full time for 2 of those.

  • The flowers were fabulous looking at getting other things made like the button holes too!
  • They were amazing both my mother and future mother in law loved them. Can't wait for them to wear them on the wedding day!


Would you like to chat about how it works? What you could have and how you can infuse your love of books, comics, colour or music into your wedding flowers, get you into your weddng flowers, contact me below me below for an informal chat, ask any question you would like, we can arrange a free consultation, video call phone call or meet up (if your Local).

Find Out First


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