Umm… Gift Giving

Umm… Gift Giving

Oh my days, doesn’t it get boring buying gifts sometimes? I have certain months in the year that just seem to be full of birthdays.. and then you have baby showers, new arrivals, anniversaries, engagements and then when you have a wedding to add to this… AAHHHHH

I have broken it down in to a few ways that you can be creative with your gift giving, lets bring the fun back a little, and remember just because it could be unique does not mean it has to be expensive.

So lets talk how to make it fun again, I love to celebrate anything, I love buying gifts (I always go way overboard as I just don’t want anyone to miss out on anything it’s a real FOMO issue), but I don’t shop in the big shops anymore, for the gifts I know will make people smile, and say things like they really thought about that gift, I shop local, and find them all over the internet.

One of my favourite ways is bring a little bit of me to every gift, this for me means cute and maybe a little unique, I’m also a little bit woo-woo so I like to be a little different, but I still love pink (having an almost three year old boy has not helped this situation), this for me means you are sharing a little of what you love with others.

Then there are the meaningful gifts, ones where you don’t just add a name to them, but you can add a memory, something that bought you together in the first place, a song, a book or a love of music.

And how can we forget the BIG ONE… When you totally get someone, know them inside and out, know what makes them tick, finding the perfect unusual gift you know they will treasure forever.

If you are in need of some inspiration, why not take a look at some of the meaningful, unique and totally unusual gifts that can be created for you and that special someone, whether it be your wedding day, your birthday, a new arrival, a thank you or just a gift just because, there is something for you.