2 Ways to include what you love…

2 Ways to include what you love…

Before I start I just wanted to say that one of the most common questions I have from my amazing customers is “could you do” or “can I include….?

This can cover a whole range of things from colours to specific books, but I want to reassure you that so far in this biz, I have not yet come across something I have been asked to create and found that I am unable to do it.

I love the challenge each and every order brings me, from finding your perfect papers, to designing something from scratch and seeing them all come to life as unique paper flowers or invitations.

So here we go…I have picked just two of the many wonderful makes I have done to show you how you can incorporate what you love into your dream wedding flowers.

Number One……. The Book Lover

A stunning bouquet made from your all time favourite book.

This Bouquet can capture your heart with its words, the words you fell in love with, It can represent a passion for an author you have loved, a book you can get lost in time and time again.

The Rose bouquet below is a beautiful example of the Book Lover, This particular Bouquet was made for the ever so beautiful Sarah, who was (still is) passionate about books and she chose to have Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Its Elegant, unique, and truly personal to her.

The Paper Rose Bouquet

Number Two ….. Soul Music

An assortment of your all time favourite music made into your perfect flowers, it can be just the one song or many, the words or the music notes or even both.

You can choose your first dance song, an artist you both love or a song that makes your heart sing every time you hear it.

Below is an image of an awesome buttonhole & wrist corsage that was made for the wonderful Claire, her theme for her wedding was Disney, so music sheets from various Disney songs were included in all of her wedding flowers.

Don’t they look stunning! They matched the Disney theme of the day, we also incorporated pale yellow, Lilac and Pale sage ribbons to match the wedding colours, everything tied in together and they look beautiful.

If you would like to see more of this order then head over to my Facebook page, where you will find more images of the stunning Paper Rose Bouquet.

I Have so may more ways to show you how you can incorporate what you love, but I wont keep you, Keep your eyes open you may see another blog soon with more awesome ideas for you.

Speak Soon

Bekki xx