Red Eye’s, Runny Nose..? From Flowers!!!! Don’t put up with it Look at the alternatives..

Red Eye’s, Runny Nose..? From Flowers!!!! Don’t put up with it Look at the alternatives..

Does the thought of spring have you stocking up and your tablets, ready for when hay-fever hits? Just seeing the Image below can get some peoples eyes itching..

OK…So maybe not these exact one’s..

The three most common allergies you have probably already come across are.. Flowers, grass and trees.. Each has its own severity depending on the person..

I have been lucky and only get very mild symptoms, but I know lots of people that suffer, including my husband, Sister, Mum and best friend. Having any sort of allergy to flowers can be absolutely horrid, but when we think of how easy it is to buy a fresh bunch of flowers for Birthdays, Mothers day, anniversaries or just because..what do you do what the person you are buying for has an allergy to flowers?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love them as much as the next person..but I have my own reasons for not having many in the house.. You can can read about that long standing issue in my blog called https://junetree.co.uk/i-killed-a-cactus/ 

So what do we do?

You know you could be making someone’s day by giving them a gorgeous bunch of flowers, but also giving them puffy eyes, a streaming nose, or there could be potentially worse reactions like putting them in hospital!!!! (lets hope you would know if the allergy is that bad, and you would not take them flowers) is not really a great gift, they be thankful, but in reality they put them in the bin outside once you have left.

What’s the Alternative..

Let’s Bring a little more beauty and meaning into the mix..

Its important to me that you get what you want, without the worry of your allergies playing up. And in my line of work I have worked with many amazing people that want paper flowers for many reasons..Weddings (imagine the pictures if you had real flowers and were allergic red puffy eyes, runny nose, blotchy skin, and there is only so much a makeup artiest can do), Birthdays, anniversaries, Special occasions.. or just because, each and everyone of my makes has been unique to the person that asked or them.

Contact me below to chat about what your looking for https://junetree.co.uk/contact-us/

Take Lisa for example Picture below..

Lisa wanted the smaller Book paper rose bouquet, made from the Book Persuasion by Jane Austen, for her book themed wedding

As well as making paper flowers I also include artificial silk flowers in some of my work.
I like to make the look as real a possible, for those who want it, but I love it when people question if it is real or not? Check out Martin and Lianne’s Story https://junetree.co.uk/martin-lianne/ and see how you can achieve your perfect flowers.

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