Real or Fake

Real or Fake

You all should know by now that I love real flowers, but unfortunately they do not love me, as soon as they breath the air in my house they seem to decide that flowers life is not worth living and start to wilt immediately.. It’s OK I have come to terms with this, and this is partly why I do what do do.

I have never liked the term FAKE or ARTIFICIAL when it come to the flowers I make, to me it makes me think of tacky, off colour and plastic.. Does it you?

And this does not represent the flowers I make, I prefer the word FAUX or ALTERNATIVE, these two words I love, they represents the uniqueness and individuality of the flowers I make for my customers as each and every single one has a hint of their loves, passions and personality added to it through the choice of papers, books and colours they choose to be added, they also spark an interest in what the possibilities could be..

The Word Alternative has been used a lot when it comes to weddings, and for some it can instantly mean, Bright and colourful, wacky, unusual and definitely not traditional.. but remember this is not always the case.. take a look at the bouquet below.. this is not wacky, bright or colourful, it is elegant and simple, yet still alternative, unusual and definitely not traditional.

So when it come to REAL or ALTERNATIVE flowers for you wedding and choosing which ones to have on your big day.. you need to think of what you really want.. below are a few thing for you to consider when thing about what to choose.

Real Flowers

  • Beautiful
  • You may not be able to get the flowers you want depending on the time of year you get married
  • Will only last for a few day
  • Can be preserved (but may be costly)
  • Can got a lot of money (budget depending)
  • Heavy to carry
  • You will need to consider where you will put them after you have used them i.e. vase of water

Alternative Flowers

  • Beautiful
  • You can choose any style flower you want in any colour you want
  • Will last forever
  • No need to preserve
  • Can cost a lot of money (budget depending)
  • Can be very light to carry
  • No need to consider using a Vase you can place them anywhere as they don’t need water

Back to the big question REAL or ALTERNATIVE?

Ask yourself these three questions

  1. Do you love Alternative flowers?
  2. Do you Love real flowers?
  3. Do you love both?

If the answer is yes, you love the thought of having alternative wedding flowers then you are in the right place, and we have have so much fun making the perfect nontraditional flowers for you.

If the answer is no, and you love real flowers, then go and get your perfect flowers from a wonderful local florist..they do an amazing job.

But if you are unsure still… why not consider both Real and alternative?

You could combine your love for both with a bouquet of real flowers with some alternative Paper Rose, or some stunning Origami Star flowers mixed in, they can represent your love of books, a passion for poetry, a special song, or a memory from a loved one that has passed and you want with you on your wedding day.

Take a look at the image below and see how beautiful combining real and alternative can be.

Remember this is YOUR wedding, be the unique and beautiful person you know you are, always..and let your wedding represent your love for one and other.

Speak Soon

Bekki xx