Mothers Day In The Making

Mothers Day In The Making

I love to make! I have an idea and I have to make it.. That’s why you will find a number of new items designed around mothers day in my shop..

In The Making..

My brain can work overtime when I want to make new products and I find it hard to limit myself to a few.. 😂 (real life craft problems right there)

Here are a few of my ideas in the making.. A range of new and familiar paper flowers in new style bouquets, pots, frames and more.. When I said a few I meant at least five-ish 😊.. and i’m still coming up with new ideas..you will have to wait to see the finished products

First Mothers Day..
Being able to have your first ever mothers day is a special moment for any new mum and I wanted to make something special to celebrate this one time event.. So my ideas have being spinning out of control on this one, there will be a frame and paper flowers involved, with personalised messages and colours to choose from, there will also be mini pots and paper flowers gift wrapped to perfection.

The bouquets.. they will all be gift wrapped and ready to go, the beautiful paper roses, along with some origami Stars combined with the Rustic artificial foliage will just be stunning.. Each rose in this bouquet is made from a book can up guess which one? and don’t forget your roses can be made from any book or colour paper you wish..

The rest i’m going to leave to your imagination… I have so many makes in mind

If you would like to see the new Mothers Day range in real life then I will be holding a stall at a Mothers Day Market on the 24th March.. at Halfpenny Green Vineyard, Bobbington.. check out my Facebook page for more details.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this blog..

Oh and if you want to add the personal touch for mothers day then I can personalise all of them.. Just for you, by adding names, favourite colours and combining items to make the perfect unique and thoughtful gift for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Bekki xx